Logan MCV Stepway Brochure

Roomy and racy? Sturdy and stylish? Rugged looks and real comfort? You might think you’re expecting too much from one car, but we’re not fazed. In fact we’ve built it, and it’s called the Dacia Logan MCV Stepway. As well as a raised ride height, it really raises the bar for what an affordable car can do. First you’ll notice its cool SUV stylings, like chrome skid panels, rugged honeycomb grill and roof bars. Then there’s its best-in-class interior space, offering plenty of room for all your family, pets, luggage and even the kitchen sink (if that’s your thing). As if that wasn’t enough, it’s shockingly affordable to boot. Auto Express agree, calling it “A well built, rugged and practical car that now has extra kerb appeal”* . But it’s what you think that really matters. Get out there and see what it can do.


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