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The eye-catching quadricycle, Renault Twizy is a compact electric vehicle, with zero-emissions in use; it seats up to two people and is unlike anything else on the road today. Twizy is powered by a 17hp electric motor, with a smooth one-speed automatic transmission and a light and compact lithium-ion battery pack.

There are three versions of Twizy, the first of which are the two seated Twizy Expression and Twizy Dynamique (with gloss alloy wheels and cool two-toned colour collections). Arguably the world’s coolest commercial vehicle was unveiled in 2013 with the appearance of the single-seat Twizy Cargo. Swapping the rear seat to free up space for a 180-litre, 75kg boot, creates a vehicle perfect for both personal and business use. With a few simple, daring ideas and a decade of research into cleaner energy, Twizy brings sense to better city living and more fun than you’d ever imagine.


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